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Change you Paradigm

My name is Keith Hinson, a non-athlete by cultural norms.  I didn’t play traditional sports as a child and never came into my own until later in life.  Hence, that begs the question, why would you listen to me.  Well, let me tell you my story.  

I was born and raised in Nashville, TN in a less than an “athletics” focused home.  So, as you would imagine, when I arrived in Jr. High to play sports, I was less than prepared.  But what I could do was run.  So, that’s what I did from the 8th grade to now.  That being said, I didn’t start with lofty ambitions of pushing my limits, I just wanted to be on a team, despite my limited experience and questionable athleticism.  In reality, it was x2 innocuous events that set me on my journey.  One, I stumbled into a broadcast  of the Endurance (now called the Ironman) Triathlon World Championship from Oahu.  At the time, I recall thinking that was one of the coolest things I had ever seen as a 10 year old, and thought one day, “How cool would that be….”.  Even though at the time it was considered out and out lunacy to even attempt such distances.  The second was sitting in the library during my college years and running across a 4 line print advertisement in the back of an outdoors magazine.  It stated, climb the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere for $3,000.  My immediate thought was I think that would be cool and I might actually be able to get the money together.   I never could have imagined the direction that would take my life and how much those experiences would change what I believe could be accomplished.  

So, why am I here?  

My goal is to help others see past what they believe is possible, regardless of their starting point.  That belief is crucial and is the greatest roadblock to what “could be” and must be overcome.  Putting together training plans is relatively easy.  The challenge is managing your belief system around what is possible, maintaining accountability, and knowing what to do when you find yourself with questions or at the foot of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or disappointment.  The greatest lessons come from not only achieving your goals, but also from surviving your failures.  Having experienced both, I am in a unique position to help you revel in the effort as well as finding thankfulness and joy in the outcome and ultimately finding growth as a person.

For me, the person I look to work with the most is that person that stares at the mirror with a lingering question, the scratch in the back of their mind that won’t go away…  I can be more.  …I can do more.  Those that want to know the extent of their reach.

Endurance Resume

5 years of high school track and field

2 years of College cross-country and track and field, x2 NSCAA All-American

Disney World Marathon with Team in Training

Music City Marathon 

Beach to BattleShip Iron Man

Chattanooga Iron Man

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

Leadville Trail 100

Rim-2-Rim across Grand Canyon

Mount Rainier

Traverse of Mount McKinley 

Mount Washington in Winter

Multiple 100 mile rides

Multiple olympic and half ironman races along with sub-26 miles runs

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